The Easy 609 Eviction Removal Secret: The Federal Law Loophole That Removes Evictions Every Time! 

Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not care whether the eviction is valid or not.  The letters we provide in this online platform will dispute the Tenant Screening Agencies right to REPORT the adverse account - NOT whether or not the adverse account is valid.

Learn How Our Clients Go From Being Homeless To Renting Again In Just A Few Short Weeks.

Powerful Eviction Removal Tools To Clear Your Name So You Can Rent Again!

Eviction More Than 7 Years Old: Removed *Wrongfully Evicted: Removed  * Illegally Evicted: Removed * Victim Of Identity Theft: Removed       

*Eviction Paid, No Eviction Balance: Removed * Not My Eviction: Removed  * Eviction Filings But No Eviction: Removed



Remove Eviction Filings, Evictions And Broken Leases From Your Records. This Will Save You Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Dollars Of Wasted Money On Second Chance Programs, Application Fees, Security Deposits And Holding Fees. Not To Mention All The Time Spent Applying To Properties Only To Be Denied A New Lease!

This Program Is Designed To Remove Your Eviction Within 15 to 45 Days!



All This Program Takes Is The Ability To Email Your Letter In 10 Minutes Or Mail A Certified Letter To The Tenant Screening Agencies. The Ebook Has Step-By-Step Instructions On What To Do It,  And When To Do It. Everything Is Included In This Kit. You Will Have The Mailing Addresses For The Tenant Screening Agencies And A Customized Pre-Written Eviction Removal Letter Ready To Go Along With An Example Dispute To Show You How Its Done!




  Customized Pre-Written Eviction Removal Letter  *   Eviction Removal Kit  Credit Repair Letters  *   Letters To Landlord   *   Eviction Dispute Forms To Tenant Agency   *   Understanding Evictions And How To Beat Them   *   Letter Explaining Bad Credit   *   Letter To Prevent Evictions   *     Identity Theft Report   *  Eviction Hardship   Letter   *   Letter Of Hardship Checklist   *   Eviction Debt Settlement   *   Hardship Letter Delinquent Rent